Frequently Asked Questions


What is a CSA and what does it mean to be a member?

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. It is basically buying a share of a farmers crop for a season. You pay for the share up front which helps small farms buy the things they need to get through a season like seed, tools, etc as well as pay the bills when other types of funding aren't available to them, which more often than not, they aren't.


What does it mean that the farm is Waste-Free?

This question doesn't have a very simple answer, but here goes... I have developed a system for growing mushrooms where the actual farming produces no trash. Everything used at the farm can either be re-used or is recyclable. One example is the compostable growing bags that get eaten by the fungi after they have been used. Another example is, instead of using plastic bags to grow our spawn (easier to use, and cheap, but are not reusable or recyclable), we use glass jars which are more or less infinitely reusable but much more of a pain in the neck! All of the leftover substrate from growing our mushrooms is either used for compost at other farms or is simply mixed into the food of the next crop, creating an endless cycle of inputs (just as the ouroboros eats it's own tail!).


What does it mean that the farm is Animal-Free?

It's exactly like it sounds. We use no animal products in any of our farming practices. We also don't use any insecticides and we rely on cultural controls (physical barriers) and biological controls (predator insects) to create an equilibrium inside the farm system where all creatures can live out their natural lives without my intervention.

Is your farm certified organic?

No, the farm has not been certified. However, it does conform to all the standards required by the NOSB (that's the only way I'm willing to farm at this point), but I simply don't have the time or the resources to obtain certification. The farm is working on getting Certified Naturally Grown which announced its new mushroom certification program less than a week ago at the time I am writing this. I am excited to add the farm to the Certified Naturally Grown community, Maybe we can convince them to reinstate their Veganic Certification program! *wink wink*