Located in Philadelphia, is a state of the art veganic urban mushroom farm.

Photos taken on site at the farm is a unique and innovative take on the urban farming concept. The farmer, Jack Linton, rejects the notion that farms in urban spaces have to cost millions of dollars to build and are required to patent their intellectual property in order to maintain a distinct and profitable business and use chemical fertilizers and pesticides that damage the environment and reduce the quality of the fresh food that reaches your table.

The farm is located in the Feltonville neighborhood of North Philadelphia inside of the old Goldenberg's Peanut Chews factory building. Using state of the art concepts and technologies, is vegan and animal free. The farm has ultra-efficient usage of water, power, and carbon footprint and sets a new standard for food production in the 21st century.

The end result is fresh, delicious, organic, nutrient dense produce that travels a minimal distance to your table and has a positive impact on the urban environment and the global ecosystem.



163 W Wyoming Ave
Philadelphia, PA 19140